The ePAD Suite

The ePAD Suite consists of three seperate applications that work together seamlessly to give you total control of your supply chain network. Scan accurately with ePAD Studio, manage your supply chain with the ePAD Windows application, and create accurate reports with ePAD Online right from your internet browser!


ePAD allows Retailers and Pool Points across the country to connect electronically and share shipment information. Whether it’s an inbound shipment from the Distribution center, or an outbound shipment to your store, allow ePAD to provide you the full visibility you require.

Whether it’s inbound, outbound, or store delivery, ePAD handles all reporting and OS&D processes. If you have specific requirements for your reporting, manifests, or bills of lading, allow the professionals at ePAD to tailor each item to your specific needs.

If you’re having trouble locating the kinks in your supply chain, contact us immediately so we can alleviate the pressure you are enduring.

ePAD Studio

ePAD Studio is a mobile scanning application. Supported scanners: MC3000, MC3100, MC9090, MC65, MC75, Intermec CN70, iPhone, and iTouch

ePAD Studio has a validation feature that automatically checks every scan against the database to catch mistakes at the source. Whether you're scanning inbound, to a pallet, outbound, or on delivery, you can scan preventatively and with confidence to save time and money.

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ePAD Online

After all of the data is captured and shipments are delivered, it’s time to measure the effectiveness of your supply chain. Is your product getting to stores in the timely fashion you thought it was? Allow ePAD Online to guide the way to correcting any issues and improving your network.

Whether it’s simply tracking a carton, measuring your linehaul carrier’s true transit times, or calculating your pool points KPI’s; ePAD Online provides what you are looking for. All of your supply chains data is accessible through any web browser or mobile device.

Don’t see the type of report you’re in need of? Just ask! We at ePAD are more than open to providing custom reports that match your specific needs. Just let us know what data you are looking for and the guidelines around the report and we’ll do the rest!

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Here are a few reports ePAD Online can create...

Visibility Report MBOL Chain of Custody Report
Freight Bill Chain of Custody Report Pool to Pool Transfer Report
Load Transit Report On-Time Delivery Report
Scanning Accuracy Report Advance Shipment Notice Report
ASN Comparison Report In-Store Projection Report
Productivity Report Daily Productivity Report
Volume Report On-time Report
Shipment Received Report Inventory Report
Delivery Reports Item(s) Chain of Custody Report
Shipment Summary Report In Transit Forecast
In Store Report